Washington, D.C. Sockets & plugs

Sockets & plugs

United States uses 120V, 60Hz with sockets and plugs Type A and Type B.

Sockets & plugs - Type A
Type A
Sockets & plugs - Type B
Type B

Adapters and transformers

Sockets & plugs

You may need an adapter while in United States.


Frequency difference is generally not a problem - almost all items (except some types of clocks) will work on both and you shouldn't worry about it.


If there is a voltage difference between countries, you probably won't need a transformer/converter if you use recent devices and appliances because they all work worldwide automatically.



Sockets & plugs, frequencies and voltages are provided alongside the requirement for the adapter/converter if needed as well as compatibility across socket/plug type, frequency and voltage. Each socket/plug type has associated vector image.

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